myGallery in a Nutshell

The integration of a gallery or a single picture is quite simple. The steps to success depend on what you want to present. Here are some samples:

1. Single gallery inside of a page

This works for pages only. If you want to know how to put a gallery inside of a post, please read sample no. 4, „A small Gallery in a pots“
You have created a new gallery named „winter“ with pictures in it. This gallery should now be displayed on a new page.
(click here for an example)
First you need a new, static page. In the example , I have created a page named „Fotos“. Now in the WordPress Screen you can see the id for this new page. Note this id for later usage.
Go to the gallery management and choose your gallery. There is a field named „page_id“. Fill in the id of your static page which you wrote down earlier, save the changes and return to the static page. Edit the text of the page and type [mygal=winter].Save the page.
Now you can see a gallery with thumbnails in your blog.

2. Collection of galleries

Maybe you to create an overview of all the galleries in your blog.
(click here for an example).
First you need to create all the galleries and their static pages as described in sample no. 1. The next step is to create a new, empty static page and place the tag [mygallistgal] on the page. Save the page and that’s all.

3. Random picture in the sidebar of your blog

If you want to show a random picture from your galleries to your visitors, just put the following code in the sidebar.php of your template:
<?php if (function_exists(‘myrandompic’)) myrandompic(); ?>

4.A small gallery inside a post

To show a small gallery inside post, you need to use a different tag. Let´s pretend you have created a new gallery named „street“ with three pictures in it (see documentation, page 10). The steps from sample no. 1 are not necessary in this case. Edit your post and place the tag [myginpage=street] in the place where the gallery should show up. The gallery will show up in your blogentry.

5. Single pictures

To place a single picture in a post or page, you can use the [inspic=$id]. Maybe you want to include a picture with the „id 12“ form you gallery „winter“ in a post.For this you need to put the tag [inspic=12] in the post. There are a few more options for the tag you can use.

If you want to align the picture to the left or right the syntax is: [inspic=12,left] or [inspic=12,right]

If you want to show a bigger picture on click the syntax is: [inspic=12,left,fullscreen] or [inspic=12,,fullscreen] (center)

If you want to show a thumbnail or a scaled picture the syntax is: [inspic=12,left,fullscreen,thumb] (this works best with Lightbox JS turned on in the myGallery options pane).

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